At Al Wakra Hospital, we want every patient to have the best and safest possible care and to make a good recovery. To do this they need to be in a restful environment and be able to get the right treatment and care at the right time while they are with us. They also need to be kept safe from germs and infection. As a visitor to the hospital, you and your family and friends have an important part to play in helping us to achieve these aims and to deliver the highest possible quality of care at all times. We very much hope you will work with us.

Infection Control
Help us prevent the spread of germs and infection.
  • ALWAYS use the hand gel before entering and on leaving the patient’s room; and, when requested, please wash your hands with liquid soap.
  • Anyone with a fever or who has a cold, sore throat or any other infectious illness must not visit.
  • If you have recently had a cold, sore throat or any other infectious illness you should not visit until you have been completely symptom free for at least 48 hours.
Bringing Children to Visit
We do not encourage you to bring small children to visit the hospital. However, when children do have to come, we have to ask you to comply with certain guidance designed to protect the patient:
  • Children MUST be supervised and controlled by an adult at all times when they visit and must never be left alone with the patient.
  • Children who visit must be up to date with all vaccinations and immunizations.
  • Children who have a fever or have had a cold, flu, chickenpox, measles or mumps within the previous week MUST NOT visit.
  • We ask that child visitors remain in the room of the patient they are visiting to avoid any disruption for other patients.
Number of Visitors
Resting is an important part of making a good recovery. Please do not overwhelm or tire your loved one by all visiting at the same time or staying too long.
  • Let the patient determine the length of your visit and leave if they say they feel tired
  • Co-ordinate visits by family and friends to limit the number of guests in the patient’s room to a MAXIMUM OF TWO at any time
  • Be as quiet and calm as possible in the room and in the corridors
Visiting Times on Adult Wards
Family and friends are encouraged to visit patients as part of their recovery. To ensure that patients are able to see friends and family but are also able to receive adequate rest and medical supervision, please adhere to the visitation hours provided by each hospital.

Some of the more specialized units have their own hours and guidelines; please check with the department reception or with the nursing staff of the unit.

Please call
4011 4422 for more information.

Visiting times on Children’s Wards
Parents may visit by arrangement with the Head Nurse / Nurse in Charge. Siblings can make short visits of no longer than 15 minutes and our guidance on bringing children to visit must be followed.
Visiting Times on the Intensive Care Unit
Visiting arrangements are by agreement with the Doctor or Senior Nurse in Charge. Only close family and friends may visit and numbers are limited strictly to two per patient. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed.