Prof Goran Petrovski, MD, MSc, PhD, Endocrinologist
Senior Attending Physician, Sidra Medicine, Doha Qatar

Dr. Petrovski graduated in 1997 from Medical School in Skopje, Macedonia. His background as Professor and Endocrinologist presents a treatment of 1280 patients on insulin pump, evaluation of 4.250.000 sensor glucose days, 81 personalized insulin pump workshops for physicians and educators and Keynote Speaker/Invited Lecturer on international conferences on diabetes technology in Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He is also visiting Professor in several medical schools in Europe and Asia.

Petrovski was active medical student as President of National Association and Chief of student journal. His initial endocrine training was in Skopje with fellowship in USA, France and Italy. Petrovski’s Master of Science thesis was on male infertility in 2003, and his PhD thesis was on Insulin Pump and Glucose Sensor in 2006. He was promoted as Professor at Medical Faculty in Skopje in 2012. He is Donnell D. Etzwiler scholar at International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis, USA and Lantus Young Investigator prize winner for clinical research in 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

Petrovski started the national insulin pump program from 2002 and as chief of Center for Insulin Pumps and Sensors from 2011 achieved the reimbursement of insulin pump and sensor in his home country. He is very active of publishing and promoting diabetes technology in the region and abroad and also serves as volunteer on Diabetes Summer Camps.

His research interest focuses on type 1 diabetes, insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring. He had published more than 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has authored 5 books and co-authored 4 books on type 1 diabetes, insulin pump, endocrinology test and clinical examination. He is also reviewer in well-known diabetes journals.

His current research is on automated insulin delivery (closed loop systems) and novel glucose sensors in Type 1 Diabetes and translating research in clinical practice. His simplified protocol and simplified meal announcement without precise carbohydrate counting for advanced hybrid closed loop systems is used in several diabetes centers abroad.

Petrovski’s goal is to decrease A1c level by 1% in every uncontrolled patient with type 1 diabetes step by step, until he/she reaches satisfied glucose control.