• 10/23/2019

    Doha, 22 October, 2019: As part of the Breast and Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, the Breast Cancer Clinic and the Gynecological Department at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) recently held the Second Breast and Oncology Cancer Conference. The conference, which was attended by over 400 local, regional, and international healthcare professionals, focused on improving the quality of cancer care for patients with breast and gynecological cancers and highlighted advances in imaging methods, new treatments and techniques, and quality improvements in patient care. 

    Dr. Salha Bujassoum, Senior Consultant at NCCCR, Director of the Breast Cancer Program at HMC, and Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee said the annual conference is significant because it encourages collaboration between the breast and gynecological teams at HMC. She said it is also an important platform for local and international physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from related disciplines to engage in meaningful dialogue.

    “Cancer is a disease that can be incredibly challenging for those affected, which includes family members. It presents a burden for our country as the incidence rates are increasing – 86% of the population in Qatar knows someone who has had cancer, such as a friend or family member.  For this reason, the opportunity to discuss how we may be able to collectively improve cancer care services in Qatar is vital to the development of better services and improving the health of the population,” said Dr. Bujassoum. 

    Dr. Bujassoum said improvements in care for breast cancer patients were highlighted throughout the conference, including many new breast imaging tools that have been introduced to enhance the ability to diagnose early-stage breast cancer. 

    “Advances in imaging methods, including ultrasound, core biopsies, clinical breast examinations, and breast tomosynthesis – an advanced type of mammogram that can offer better cancer detection resulting in the need for fewer biopsies – were discussed as part of the conference. Many of the techniques we use today have been used for the last decade and many emerging techniques are at various stages of research and development,” noted Dr. Bujassoum.

    Dr. Hind El Malik, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist at NCCCR and Co-Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee said the conference is a testament to HMC’s commitment to providing the best possible care to cancer patients in Qatar. 

    “Over the years HMC, as the main provider of specialist healthcare in Qatar, has led the provision of cancer services and has made significant advances in identifying, diagnosing, and treating this disease. HMC’s commitment to continue improving cancer services includes the provision of high-quality care, continuous support, motivational education, and ongoing awareness activities designed to highlight the importance of early detection,” said Dr. El Malik.

    Hundreds of healthcare workers and thousands of members of the public attended various activities held across Qatar last week as part of the organization’s annual activities to raise awareness of breast and gynecological cancers. As part of public awareness events held at Katara Cultural Village last week in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, members of the public had the opportunity to speak with medical professionals and learn about breast and gynecological cancers. These activities were supported by Katara and Nebras Power. Nebras Power Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Khalid Jolo, said his organization was proud to be part of the initiative.

    “Nebras Power is at the forefront of bolstering noteworthy causes and supporting local community initiatives. Our contribution to HMC’s Breast Cancer Awareness activities is emblematic of our steadfast commitment to fostering awareness and providing education on the significance of early detection and prevention for women of all ages,” said Mr. Jolo.