• 4/28/2015
    Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has become the first hospital facility in the Middle East to launch a new electronic system - Cerner Clairvia - for the management and organization of its over 8,000 nursing staff.

    Cerner Clairvia is considered one of the leading systems used in managing nursing staff in prominent healthcare institutions across the United States.

    Dr. Wasmiya Dalham Al Kuwari, Executive Director of Nursing Informatics Department at HMC stated that phase one of the system has been successfully implemented at Al Khor Hospital on 1 April while the second phase will conclude at the hospital in May.

    The system is scheduled for roll out at the Women's Hospital in the summer, followed by other HMC’s network of hospitals as per the overall Clinical Information System (CIS) implementation plan, she noted.

    “The new electronic system will help in assessing and managing work requirements in each nursing division based on data input, which includes the budget of each division, available workforce and the number of inpatients and outpatients. The system processes the data input and provides the nursing heads with the indicators needed for producing work rosters. The work rosters are presented in graphic formats showing the information needed for providing care to each and every one of the patients,” explained Dr. Al Kuwari.

    According to her, the new electronic system provides organizational tools to determine work hours without the need for paper work rosters, with the option of entering any urgent changes or modifications at any time.

    Mr. Husam Sabbah, Nursing Informatics Specialist and head of the project's supervisory team pointed out that the new system allows effective and efficient management of additional non-clinical tasks which the nursing staff has to perform. “It also helps healthcare professionals assess the progress that patients make throughout their hospitalization period. This, in turn, would help assess the care provided to patients and enhance the accuracy of patients' clinical data, in addition to ensuring the fair distribution of work tasks amongst nursing staff,” he said.

    Ms. Noha Saleh, Nursing Informatics Coordinator said: "The new system allows electronic communication with nursing staff and calling upon them in case of disasters through SMS and emails.

    The nursing staff at Al Khor Hospital received training on how to use the system from a Cerner Claivia team in collaboration with HMC's Nursing Informatics support team. Brochures and other related instructional materials were distributed to the nursing staff to ensure proper operation of the system.”