• 5/31/2018
    This week the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), represented by the Healthcare Communications Committee, hosted a Ghabga dinner for members of Qatar’s media. The event took place at the Sharq Village and Spa in Doha and was led by Mr. Ali Al Khater, Chair of the Healthcare Communications Committee and Chief Communications Officer at HMC. The event was attended by a number of local media leaders, including newspaper editors, journalists, social media influencers, and other opinion leaders.

    Mr. Al Khater thanked those who were in attendance, acknowledging the instrumental role professionals engaged in the production or distribution of news play in helping to protect and improve population health. He said members of the media support public health by ensuring our community receives and understands information that impacts their health and well-being.

    “This has been a busy year for Qatar’s healthcare sector. Amongst many other things we have opened the doors of the new Hamad Medical City hospitals and Sidra Medicine, we’ve continued to open new Health and Wellness Centres across the country, and the new National Health Strategy, which was launched under the wise leadership of Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, has set out an even more ambitious future for healthcare in Qatar. Your support has meant that we can share our success with the community we serve, educating people on how to lead healthier lifestyles. Your support helps us to not just improve lives, but to save lives,” said Mr. Al Khater.

    He said the MoPH, HMC, and PHCC were pleased to have the opportunity to come together with members of Qatar’s media community to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan. He noted that he hopes the organizations will continue to work together, strengthening their already solid relationship.

    The Healthcare Communications Committee, established under the directive of Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, includes representatives from communications, media, and public relations departments at the MoPH, HMC, and PHCC. The committee aims to promote healthcare communication that is effective, coordinated, and patient-centered.