• 7/4/2022
    Doha, 04 June 2022: Dr. Amal Al Obaidli, Deputy Chair of Clinical Imaging Department (Radiology) at HMC revealed that 25% to 30% of patients miss their clinical imaging appointments, which have been ordered by attending physicians for further diagnosis and investigation. This practice deprives other patients of the opportunity to avail the clinical imaging services they need.

    Dr. Amal Al Obaidli, stated that there were many reasons behind patients’ missing their clinical imaging appointments despite receiving SMS reminder, either because they do not have access to means of transportation, or do not have permission to leave their place of work, or they forget the appointment. Patients who skip appointments do not realize that, if not rescheduled, missed appointments deny other patients access to healthcare they need, Dr. Amal Al Obaidli added.

    Ms. Mashael Ali A.M. Al-Ejail, Assistant Executive Director of Clinical Imaging Department at HMC, urged patients to adhere to their appointments or reschedule them if they are unable to attend due to their absence outside the country or for any other reason, by contacting the Call and Appointments Center using the WhatsApp number (44393377). 

    Commitment to attend medical appointments is a social responsibility that should be observed, by both healthcare service providers and recipients of such services. Attending appointments would positively impact the flow of patients in terms of reducing the wait time and achieving patient satisfaction.