• 12/11/2023

    ​Doha, 11 December 2023: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has announced the update of the parking regulations for its hospitals and facilities, incorporating the latest electronic technologies that include scanning and reading vehicle license plates without the need for paper tickets. This update aligns with HMC's commitment to ensuring convenient access to parking areas for patients and visitors. The gradual activation of smart gates will commence from 20 December 2023.

    This system contributes to reducing waiting times at parking gates. When a vehicle approaches the gate, a camera will scan the license plate, offering a seamless and simple process. Additionally, it offers multiple payment methods; upon leaving the hospital, visitors or patients can input their vehicle’s number for payment using a bank card. Electronic payment can also be made by scanning the clearly displayed barcode at various locations within the parking areas, eliminating the need to visit payment points in the hospital lobby as previously required. Exempted patients can scan the barcode associated with their health card at payment kiosks.

    The new update allows patients and visitors to HMC’s hospitals to have a free entry period of up to 30 minutes in parking areas. After that, the fee will be QR5 for a stay of up to two hours, with an additional charge of QR3 for each extra hour thereafter, with a maximum charge of QR70 per day. These new fees align with those set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

    Mr. Hamad Nasser Al Khalifa, HMC’s Chief of Health Facilities Development, said the implementation of the new regulations, including parking fees, will enable patients and visitors to access spaces when and where they need them.

    Patients undergoing long-term treatments such as cancer and kidney dialysis are exempted from these charges. This also applies to vehicles driven by individuals admitted for overnight stays in the hospital for emergency cases.

    “Qatar’s population has grown significantly in recent years and this is putting pressure on car parking spaces due to the increasing number of patients being treated at HMC. Additionally, we have opened many new facilities and services and this has led to an increase in demand on parking spaces,” Mr. Al Khalifa said. “The smart parking system in place at HMC ensures that patients and visitors have access to adequate and convenient parking when and where they need it.”

    Mr. Naji Al Mannai, the Executive Director of Real Estate Management at Hamad Medical Corporation, and the Chair of Safe Access Transportation and Parking Committee at HMC, said

    “HMC has signed a contract with a leading company in this field, Mawaqif Qatar, to manage and operate our parking facilities. This company has conducted a complete upgrade of the technology, systems, and gates, allowing for the development of the parking facilities to keep pace with the latest developments,” Mr. Al Mannai said.

    “The new update helps ensure fair access to parking spaces for all patients. It will reduce long waits and disruption as the new technology will be able to read the number plate of cars entering and exiting. This automated system also aims to provide the maximum possible parking spaces for patients, visitors, and staff, ensuring improved accessibility and convenience.”

    Additionally, valet parking services are now electronic and ticketless in Doha, Al Khor and Al Wakra campuses, which enhances the efficiency of the service and the effectiveness of performance monitoring. As a value-added service, HMC has also introduced car wash services in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City for patients and visitors.

    It is anticipated that the new parking measures will also contribute to alleviating traffic congestion around the entrances and exits of hospitals. HMC’s teams continue to work with relevant authorities on innovative measures to ensure smooth and easy access to its hospitals.

    HMC’s Doha hospitals and facilities can be conveniently accessed by the Doha Metro system. The White Palace Metro station and Hamad metro station provide convenient access to HMC’s Doha campus.

    For more information on parking at Hamad Medical Corporation, please visit our official website: www.hamad.qa/parking