• 11/29/2023
    ​Doha, 29 November 2023: The Department of Oncology and Lymphedema Physiotherapy at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) organized an innovative educational event that focused on a holistic care approach for patients with breast cancer. 

    The program took place on 22 November at Bayt Al Dhiyafah in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City and was attended by around 130 breast cancer patients and survivors.  The aim of the event was facilitating discussions between patients, survivors, and medical staff to address their questions and correct any misconceptions about breast cancer. The event also provided a platform for patients and survivors to exchange their experiences and support each other in overcoming this challenge.

    The program for the event shed light on various aspects of breast cancer, the most common side effects, and the treatment methods employed by different specialties. This aimed to give breast cancer patients a clearer understanding of the overall experience of dealing with the disease and improve the knowledge of patients who have been cured on the multidisciplinary holistic approach taken during their recovery journey and address their questions.

    The event included the participation of Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari, HMC’s Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Noora Al Hammadi, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist and Chairperson of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the National Centre for Cancer Care & Research (NCCCR), as well as Deputy Medical Director for Admin Support Services at NCCCR; Dr. Mohamed Osama Al Homsi, Senior Consultant of Oncology and Deputy Medical Director for Education, Research, and Quality at NCCCR; as well as Dr. Jamal Bilal, Healthcare Services Manager at Al Wakra Hospital.

    In his speech at the event, Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari said: "We view patients as family members who need to be cared for in various aspects of health. Unifying efforts is a part of the comprehensive approach to patient care, and we have the best team in this field. Therefore, I am very happy with this program, and we thank breast cancer patients for trusting us.”

    Dr. Noora Al Hammadi said: "Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Qatar. I am proud to have a strong united team from various departments, preparing a comprehensive treatment plan, which is exactly what our patients need. It is crucial to know how to treat patients suffering from breast cancer and lymphedema, and this requires proper management and regular follow-ups. I would like to thank the physiotherapy team for their efforts and dedication to serving our patients.”

    Dr. Osama Al Homsi emphasized the significant importance of physical therapy for patients living with lymphedema, especially in the early stages. “With new techniques, it has become much easier to alleviate the suffering of our patients. We are always striving to achieve the best quality of healthcare for our patients," said Dr. Al Homsi. 

    Speaking about the event, Dr. Mohammed Shafi, Head of the Physical Therapy Department for Cancer and Lymphedema Patients at NCCCR said in his opening speech: "This is the first program that presents a holistic approach of care for patients with breast cancer at HMC. The medical staff and patients are our source of inspiration to achieve excellence in the care programs for patients with cancer and lymphedema.”

    "Medical staff members from various specialties came together and to provide informative presentations about the disease and address some misconceptions, alongside discussing patients' concerns. Speakers included oncologists, breast surgeons, radiation therapists, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists /lymphedema specialists, dieticians, and clinical nurses,” said Dr. Shafi. 

    One of the program’s participants, a breast cancer survivor praised the event saying: "I believe that this is a wonderful initiative to support and empower patients with knowledge and a clear path, not only to control the disease but also to manage treatment side effects.”