• 11/27/2023

    Doha, 27 November 2023: Following its implementation at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in 2021, HMC’s Human Resources Department led the expansion of the Employee Wellbeing and Wellness Program to employees of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC) in October 2022.

    One year on, the initiative is providing an integrated wellbeing and wellness program accessible to all healthcare employees at MOPH, HMC and PHCC, with a vision to engage the workforces by focusing on a people centric work culture and putting employees wellbeing and wellness at the top of the agenda. 

    Ms. Fatima Haidar Abdulla, HMC’s Chief of Business Services and Chief Human Resources Officer, as well as Chairperson of Public Health Sector Human Resources Leadership Committee, said: “The great success of the Employee Wellbeing and Wellness Program has expanded to include the three largest public healthcare providers; I couldn’t be prouder.”

    “More than 40,000 employees at MOPH, HMC and PHCC have benefited over the past 12 months from health promotion education and advice; health screenings; online fitness coaching; group workplace fitness workshops; weight management and lifestyle modification programs, and group education classes and workshops about key health issues, in addition to celebrating international and national events and celebrations that incorporate different activities and competitions to enhance staff engagement, promote mental health and physical fitness.”

    “As a public healthcare sector, we understand the importance of caring for our staff and supporting their health and wellbeing and its positive impact on our overall services,” added Ms. Haidar.

    Key activities under the Public Healthcare Sector Employee Wellness and Wellbeing Program

    • Qatar National Sport Day: Activities and events to spread awareness about the benefits of healthy lifestyles
    • Wellbeing and Wellness Sessions: Held across all HMC facilities and corporate departments and encouraged staff to care for their health and wellbeing by shedding light to the importance of mental health, healthy nutrition, and physical activities. More than 3,000 staff attended health screening sessions.
    • World Mental Health Day Observance: The event, which hosted employees from MOPH, HMC, and PHCC, featured a presentations from HR and mental health leaders, an art competition for staff, interactive sessions with mental health experts, and workplace physical activity coaching.
    • Second Victim Support Program: The Second Victim Support Program (THIQA) is a multi-disciplinary peer support system that provides a safe way for providers who are impacted by adverse patient events to speak openly about their experiences and emotions in difficult and stressful situations.
    • E-learning Courses: A series of E-Learning courses available for healthcare employees. The online learning covers two areas of wellbeing with multiped modules: Mental Wellbeing Resilience and Physical Wellbeing.
    • Mental Health Training programs and Relaxation Training: Mental health courses aims at giving all public health sector employees the opportunity to learn about mental health awareness, mental health problems, wellbeing toolkit, and resilience toolkit, in addition to relaxation training and how to handle difficult conversations and situations. More than 4,700 staff have attended a training course.
    • Aman - Emotional and Grief Support Program: This program aims at creating an open, compassionate and caring culture where HMC staff feel free to express themselves, ask for assistance, and support one another.
    • Stand up for your health campaign: This program has been conducted to increase awareness and support the positive behavioral change in healthcare employees. The objective was to encourage staff to be more active at work and limit sedentary behavior and prolonged periods of inactivity and sitting.