• 10/24/2023
    Doha, 22 October 2023 – The Qatar Annual Breast Cancer Conference concluded its highly successful 9th edition on October 6-7, 2023, at the Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) ITQAN Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center Auditorium, reinforcing its vital role in the global fight against breast cancer.

    Under the theme, "Bench to Bedside: Research Driving Clinical Progress in Breast Cancer Management," the conference brought together leading experts, researchers, and advocates worldwide to discuss cutting-edge developments in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

    More than 300 registrants participated in various sessions, with excellent representation from guests in the GCC region throughout the two-day conference. The activities featured keynote lectures, symposia, panel discussions, workshops, and poster sessions, providing insights into research findings, advanced treatment options, and best practices for breast cancer care and survivorship.

    Breast cancer remains a global health concern, with over 2 million new cases diagnosed yearly. In Qatar, it is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, representing 38 percent of all female cancers. Timely detection is crucial, and the conference showcased the latest advancements in screening and diagnosis.

    Dr. Al Ansari, Chief Medical Officer at HMC, emphasized, "The Qatar Annual Breast Cancer Conference has evolved into an essential event in the global fight against breast cancer. It underscores our remarkable progress and the urgent need for continued research, innovation, and collaboration in breast cancer care."

    Dr. Mohamed Salem Al Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of the HMC’s National Center for Cancer Care and Research) NCCCR), commented, "This conference embodies Qatar's consistent commitment to advancing breast cancer care. It fosters collaboration and drives us closer to a world where breast cancer is both treatable and preventable."

    "Dr. Salha Bujassoum Al Bader, Chairperson of Medical Oncology and Palliative Care and Chair of the Organizing Committee for the Annual Breast Conference, noted, 'We are excited to have hosted this conference, providing an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge among experts. We aim to enhance breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment outcomes in Qatar and worldwide. Our collective commitment to combating breast cancer is steady and unwavering.”

    "Celebrating progress, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation marks our dedication to the fight against breast cancer," concluded Dr. Al Bader.

    The Qatar Annual Breast Cancer Conference continues to be a testament to Qatar's dedication to pioneering advancements in breast cancer care, impacting the global fight against breast cancer.