• 4/28/2024

    Doha - 28 April 2024 - On April 21st, Hamad Medical Corporation's Corporate Social Service organized an entertainment event for patients coming from Gaza Strip who are receiving treatment at the corporation's hospitals. This event included interactive activities, such as entertaining competitions, a football show, and coloring activities for children, along with offering healthy snacks.

    This initiative aimed to entertain patients to enhance their mental health, as well as to welcome them to the State of Qatar, where they receive high quality treatment, in addition to obtaining the necessary support, especially psychologically, due to the difficult repercussions that patients and those accompanying them face as a result of the ongoing events in Gaza Strip.

    The event, which was held at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City Park, was attended by a number of members of the Corporate Social Service, members of Gaza patients Community Support Team at Hamad Medical Corporation, and representatives of some private hospitals in the country.

    Ms. Bashayr Al-Rashid, Executive Director of the Corporate Social Service and chair of Gaza patients Community Support Team at Hamad Medical Corporation, stated that the aim of Gaza patients Community Support Team is to ensure that patients from Gaza receive not only the best medical care but also the optimal benefits of compassionate community support during their treatment.

    Al-Rashid said: “The Corporate Social Service at Hamad Medical Corporation considers this humanitarian mission a privilege, enabling us to apply the core ethics and principles of social work by empowering patients and fulfilling their holistic needs. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to alleviate the burden on patients and their families by offering a range of services tailored to their individual circumstances. This includes facilitating access to essential medical supplies, coordinating the provision of caregivers in cases where companions are unavailable, and establishing emotional support networks through collaboration with HMC’s multidisciplinary team members to foster resilience and well-being throughout their healthcare journey”.

    Al-Rashid added that the social service team is committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within the Gaza patients community. “We believe that through collaboration with local organizations, volunteers, and stakeholders, we can create sustainable solutions that address not only immediate healthcare needs, but also promote long-term resilience and self-sufficiency. Our approach emphasizes the importance of community involvement and collective action in supporting patients to achieve health and well-being for all, in addition to creating a healthcare environment available to all”.

    Ms. Maleeha Al Shamali, Assistant Executive Director of Corporate Social Service and a member of the Gaza patients Community Support Team, explained that “the goal of this event was to create an atmosphere of joy and fun to our guests; Gaza patients and their companions, by holding activities and games that are compatible with their needs, and aim to improve their mood. The Corporate Social Service department believes in the importance of patients’ participation and their social integration in various activities that contribute to relieving stress resulting from the long period of treatment or rehabilitation. The event was attended by a number of patients residing in the hospital who are currently undergoing a program of treatment and rehabilitation, and it presented an opportunity for them to participate in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, which contributes to enhancing their psychological health.”

    Ms. Asma Ahmadi - a social worker at the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute and a member of Gaza patients Community Support Team, said that the primary goal of organizing entertainment activities for patients and their companions is to enhance psychological well-being, and reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and overthinking, as well as to encourage social interaction and building social relationships that support them.