• 4/28/2024
    ​​​Doha 27th April 2024 – Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Sealine Medical Clinic has concluded its services for the camping season from November last year until April. The clinic has been operating for the past 14 years and provided treatment for around 1260 patients.

    Mr. Hassan Mohammed Al Hail, Chief Communications Officer at HMC and Project Manager of the Sealine Hamad Medical Clinic, said that HMC continuously strives to provide its services to the public through its annual commitment to open Sealine Medical Clinic for during the camping season and to fully provide its medical services as the main provider of healthcare services in Qatar.

    Mr. Al Hail also thanked the medical teams which participated in securing the camping season including doctors, nurses, ambulance service and administrators. He also valued the efforts of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment for their continued support particularly in allocating a place for the clinic close to the individuals at the beachfront as has been in the past years. 

    Prof. Aftab Mohammad Omar, Chief of Emergency Departments at HMC and the Medical Director of Sealine Medical Clinic praised the clinic's services provided to beachgoers and campers in the Sealine area. The clinic ensured necessary healthcare services within the designated operational plan. He added that the Emergency Department at Al Wakra Hospital and Hamad Medical Corporation were also fully prepared to receive patients and treat urgent and critical cases.
    Prof. Aftab also emphasized the importance of exercising caution regarding sudden weather changes and remaining vigilant when using all-terrain vehicles during camping seasons in the future., 

    Mr. Saleh Al Meqareh Al Marri, Assistant Executive Director for Ambulance Services for Emergency and Events Planning at HMC, said that ambulance services were permanently present during the camping season. This was ensured by providing two regular ambulances in addition to two off-road ambulances.
    Mr. Al Meqareh Al Marri added that the clinic treated 816 cases of injuries, including accidents, falls, wounds, and fractures, alongside 444 medical cases related to respiratory and cardiac problems, as well as minor sunburns. Additionally, 629 emergency cases were transferred to hospitals via ambulances or Life Flight.
    Ambulance personnel were deployed according to predefined work plans and daily operations outlined in advance by the Emergency and Events Planning Department of the Ambulance Services Management. This was in line with the objectives and medical coverage plans for the Sealine area.

    Ambulance services allocated a fixed site for their vehicles and personnel at the level of the chalets roundabout, in addition to mobile units along the main road.
    Al Meqareh Al Marri expressed pride in the ambulance service at HMC for the medical services provided to visitors of the Sealine area during the camping season over the course of 6 months. He also extended gratitude to all participating and supporting entities during the camping season.