• 2/14/2024

    Doha, 14 February 2024: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) continues to provide its services for this year's winter camping season through its clinic located in the Sealine area for the 14th consecutive year. The clinic's activities will continue until the end of the camping season on April 30th, 2024.

    The opening of Sealine Medical Clinic during the camping season each year is part of HMC’s commitment to provide safe, compassionate, and effective healthcare for all residents in all regions of the country throughout the year. The clinic opens its doors throughout the camping season, every Thursday at 3pm, and operates continuously without interruption until 3am on Saturday, with 36 hours of continuous work. This schedule is maintained every week throughout the camping season.

    Mr. Hassan Mohammad Al Hail, Chief Communications Officer at HMC and Project Manager of Sealine Medical Clinic, stated that the clinic is located in its usual spot on the Sealine Beachfront. This location ensures easy accessibility to and from the clinic, providing medical and emergency services to all visitors from the Sealine and Khor Al Adaid areas during the camping season.

    Mr. Al Hail said: “The clinic plays a crucial role in serving beachgoers and campers in Sealine area as part of HMC's commitment to providing healthcare services to all residents of the country in all regions and throughout the year.”

    Mr. Al Hail also urged all visitors to the area to follow safety guidelines and take precautions to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential diseases.

    He also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for its continuous cooperation with HMC in implementing the medical clinic project in Sealine. Mr. Al Hail also thanked those responsible for the overseeing of the Sealine area for providing all the services and needs for beachgoers and campers, including shops, restaurants, cafes, and more. This has contributed to making Sealine one of the most important tourist and recreational areas in Qatar for its beautiful beaches and charming atmosphere.

    Mr. Nayef Al Shammari, Executive Director of the Media Department at HMC, called on all users of quad bikes to follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe and injury-free camping season.

    Mr. Al Shammari explained that these guidelines include using protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, ankle boots, and protective eyewear. He emphasized that children should not operate ATVs/quad bikes. Additionally, he added that no passengers should be allowed on a quad bike unless it is specially designed for passengers, and in such cases, passengers must comply with the same safety guidelines as the driver.

    He also stressed the importance of avoiding riding quad bikes on regular roads, noting that ATVs should be used in designated areas and locations only. These locations are designed, maintained, and monitored for safe driving to ensure the safety of riders and are allocated according to the different levels of skills of users of these vehicles. Furthermore, the HMC Ambulance Service is present in these areas, to provide immediate medical response if needed.

    Mr. Nayef Al Shammari urged the public to avoid using quad bikes during peak hours, between 2pm and 10pm on Fridays, as most quad bike accidents occur on Fridays due to overcrowding resulting from the increased number of these bikes being ridden in open and undesignated areas.

    Dr. Aftab Mohammad Omar, Chairman of the Emergency Department at HMC and Medical Director of Sealine Medical Clinic, stated that the clinic in Sealine is equipped with all necessary supplies and medications suitable for various medical cases, including both medical and emergency cases. Additionally, the clinic has a nearby helipad for air ambulance services. During its operating hours, a doctor and a nurse are available in the clinic, supervised by the clinic's medical officer.

    "The clinic has received 130 cases since its opening in November 2023 until last Saturday, 10 February 2024, including 82 minor medical cases, such as, gastroenteritis, mild burns, and minor wounds, which were addressed directly at the clinic. Additionally, the clinic received 48 cases with various injuries," said Dr. Aftab.

    Dr. Aftab also urged all visitors to the Sealine area and campers to take safety precautions when swimming, barbecuing, cooking food, and while camping in the camping areas. It is essential to adhere to general safety instructions and traffic guidelines to enjoy a healthy and safe camping experience.

    Mr. Saleh Mgareh Al Marri, Assistant Executive Director of Ambulance Services for Events and Emergency Plans at HMC, emphasized that ambulance coverage is continuous in the Sealine area, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Permanently, there are two regular ambulances, in addition to two four-wheel-drive ambulances for transporting patients from the sand dunes areas to the Sealine clinic or to the regular ambulance location or the air ambulance helipad as needed.

    Mr. Al Marri stated that from October 1st of last year until February 10th 2024, ambulance teams have dealt with 1,110 emergency cases in the Sealine area, including 429 minor medical cases and 681 moderate cases, such as injuries. Additionally, 552 cases were transferred to the hospital for necessary treatment.

    Mr. Al Marri highlighted the provision of air ambulance services and the deployment of various medical teams, including paramedics, critical care paramedics, rapid response paramedics, supervisors, communication officers, and operations managers. These teams were distributed according to the Emergency and Events Planning Department's leadership and control system, aligning with the goals and plans for medical coverage during the camping season.

    "The Ambulance Service increases the number of ambulances in the Sealine camping area on weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and during school holidays and special occasions to a total of six regular ambulances, along with five four-wheel-drive ambulances that provide a unique response experience for emergency cases in the sand dunes with flexibility, smoothness, and without any obstacles, all within record time," added Mr. Al Marri.

    Last year, the Ambulance Service launched a 4x4 ambulance that responds to all cases in sandy areas and stands out for its spacious interior compared to other vehicles. This makes the paramedic's job easier in terms of dealing with the patient, and in some cases, it allows the patient's companions to accompany them inside the vehicle. This ambulance also excels in maneuvering through rugged terrain, providing better balance for the patient and reducing the risk of injury.