• 1/28/2024

    Doha 27 January 2024: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently inaugurated the new Audiology and Balance Unit, at the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), which provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients of all age groups experiencing hearing and balance issues. This expanded service is committed to enhancing patients' auditory well-being through an integrated approach that combines cutting-edge technology with personalized rehabilitation strategies.

    The new unit highlights HMC’s commitment to further strengthening its range of specialist healthcare services, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to build a comprehensive world-class healthcare system that is effective, affordable and universally available to all citizens.

    The unit was officially opened by a delegation of senior HMC leaders led by Mr Ali AlJanahi, Acting Assistant Managing Director and Chief of Tertiary Hospitals Group at HMC, who acknowledged ACC’s significant efforts in redesigning patient care pathways and services to ensure a superior experience for those seeking diagnosis and treatment.

    “This co-located hearing aid and auditory verbal therapy facility addresses the growing demand for such services in Qatar and the region. This will contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided. Consequently, our expert teams can better address the impact of hearing loss on a person’s ability to communicate and participate in daily life,” said Mr Al Janahi.

    Dr Khalid Al Jalham, CEO and Medical Director at ACC welcomed the delegation and shared his vision of establishing a comprehensive service hub for patients dealing with hearing or balance challenges.

    "Our audiology and balance unit adopts a person-centred model for assessing and managing hearing loss. The unit not only offers comprehensive audiologic rehabilitation services but also houses a state-of-the-art ear mold laboratory crucial for an effective hearing aid fitting process, which ensures a superior fit and sound quality for the patient," explained Dr Al Jalham. "Our goal is to create a therapeutic environment that facilitates collaborative decision-making and enables the implementation of advanced practices, thereby elevating the standard of patient care in audiology."

    The Audiology and Balance Unit team provides a wide range of assessments, rehabilitation, and support to children, adults, and seniors with hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. The service extends beyond individual care, emphasizing support and guidance for families and caregivers to enhance the patient's quality of life in the community.

    Dr Khalid A.Hadi, National Lead of Health and Well-being for People with Special Needs and ACC Head of Audiology and Balance Unit, explained the importance of the new facility.

    “People of all ages can experience hearing loss, which may result from various factors. We aim to provide a patient-focused hearing service with high-quality assessments and rehabilitation to improve our patients’ quality of life,” said Dr Hadi. “The scope of the service extends to providing thorough audiological rehabilitation services, incorporating management procedures, such as Auditory Verbal Therapy. We address various aspects, including auditory training, communication strategies, manual communication, and counselling for psychosocial adjustment.”

    The newly established facility for hearing aids and auditory verbal therapy offers numerous advantages, including:

    Enhanced Service Accessibility: The facility extends hearing aid and auditory verbal therapy services to a larger demographic, catering to the needs of a more extensive group of individuals with hearing impairments.

    Comprehensive and Streamlined Patient Services: Co-locating services enable the provision of comprehensive services covering initial diagnostics, through ongoing auditory rehabilitation. This holistic approach ensures patients receive all necessary care under one roof, streamlining the treatment process for efficiency and coordination.

    Reduced Wait Times: The increased capacity of the facility accommodates a higher client volume, potentially reducing wait times for appointments and services. This contributes to a more efficient and user-friendly experience for patients.

    Convenience for Patients: Consolidating all essential services in a single location enhances patient convenience, fostering higher satisfaction levels, increased compliance with follow-up appointments, and an overall improved patient experience.

    The Audiology and Balance Unit is conveniently located on the second floor of the ACC in Hamad bin Khalifa Medical City, Doha. Individuals seeking appointments can obtain referrals through their primary care center or private hospital facility.