• 7/2/2024

    Highlighting HMC’s Commitment to Delivering World-Class Specialized Healthcare Services:

    HMC’s Medical Care and Research Center is Dedicated to Developing Treatments Based on Individual Patient Characteristics and Improving Patient Outcomes through Clinical Research and Trials

    Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari: The center provides a more personalized approach to care, allowing doctors and researchers to accurately predict the best treatment and disease prevention strategies.

    Dr. Jassim Al Suwaidi: The MCRC’s Clinical Trials Unit, the first of its kind in Qatar, will conduct clinical research while ensuring scientific integrity and participant safety.

    Doha, 2 July 2024: The opening of the Medical Care and Research Center (MCRC) exemplifies Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) ongoing commitment to enhancing healthcare services and increasing the capacity to provide specialized care to the highest global quality standards for all patients.

    The new 250-bed center offers an excellent healing environment for inpatients and is one of the initiatives aimed at promoting therapeutic practices through clinical precision medicine and genomics. The Center will offer medical treatments that are developed based on the individual characteristics of each patient, allowing doctors and researchers to more accurately identify the best treatment strategies for a particular disease, enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and reducing the risks of adverse reactions.

    The MCRC, HMC’s newest facility, aims to support and conduct clinical trials in the field of precision medicine and to provide access to precision care across all major and sub-specialties offered by HMC. The Center supports researchers and clinicians in conducting research and clinical trials with a primary focus on patient safety, leading to significant improvements in patient care and outcomes.

    Located at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City in Doha, the Medical Care and Research Center consists of four floors plus the ground floor and includes several single and shared patient rooms, isolation rooms and a seating and mobility clinic. The MCRC is also connected via an internal bridge to three specialized care hospitals: the Women's Wellness and Research Center, the Ambulatory Care Center, and the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute. This facilitates access to specialized care, diagnostic, and laboratory services.

    The MCRC includes a group of high-quality clinical units, including the Clinical Trials Unit, which specializes in designing, conducting and managing studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new medical strategies, treatments and devices in human subjects. Additionally, it houses the

    Center for Clinical Precision Medicine and Genomics, which works to develop specialized medical treatments suiting the individual characteristics of patients.

    In addition to cutting-edge research and innovation, the MCRC will deliver the highest quality of care for children with a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), the High Dependency Unit (HDU), a Pediatric Daycare Unit and a pediatric ward. 

    The MCRC is also home to an Acute Geriatrics Unit, which will address the rise of acute illnesses in geriatric patients. A modern Palliative Care Unit will provide a comforting and welcoming environment for patients and their families. Additionally, there is also an outpatient unit for prosthetics patients.

    The Center is also houses a range of support services, including a pharmacy, an ambulance ramp for patient transportation, an inpatient physiotherapy gym, separate male and female waiting areas, and multi-purpose rooms.

    Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, HMC’s Chief Medical Officer said: “This new center represents a milestone in our commitment to leadership in the field of health care and medical rese​arch, which positively impacts patient outcomes, and thus achieves well-being for members of our community.

    “By conducting research and clinical trials, HMC will be able to provide a more personalized approach to patients and healthcare, enabling doctors and researchers to accurately predict treatment and prevention strategies for a specific disease or condition. By analyzing the genetics, environment and lifestyle of each individual, the center will provide a more specialized, predictive and preventive healthcare for Qatar’s population.”

    Dr. Jassim Al Suwaidi, HMC’s Chief of Scientific, Academic and Faculty Affairs, said the MCRC will provide the highest standards of individualized medical care.

    “The center houses a Clinical Trials Unit, the first of its kind in Qatar, dedicated to conducting clinical research trials with a focus on ensuring the scientific integrity and the safety of participants in these trials,” Dr. Al Suwaidi said. “This clinical research works in partnership with HMC’s Academic Health System. The center also contributes to establishing close partnerships and cooperation with prominent international experts to develop clinical pathways that meet the healthcare needs of the population of Qatar.”