• 6/2/2024
    ​​​Doha, 02 June 2024: More than 46,000 patients at HMC have benefited from the use of WhatsApp Business service for managing and following up on their radiology examination appointments since its launch in 2022. 
    This service provides an additional communication channel for patients to manage and follow up on their radiology appointments via instant messaging through the WhatsApp application, eliminating the need to call the Clinical Imaging Appointment Center. 

    Dr. Amal Al-Obaidly, Chairperson of Clinical Imaging Services at HMC, praised the exceptional level of service provided by the team responsible for managing requests submitted through the WhatsApp Business service. She emphasized that all necessary resources have been made available to ensure prompt service delivery to patients across all clinical imaging facilities at HMC.

    Ms. Mashael Al-Ajeel, Assistant Executive Director of Clinical Imaging Services Operations at HMC, said that “the WhatsApp service at the Clinical Imaging Appointment Center has proven to be highly beneficial as evidenced by the number of patients who have used it. This is further reflected in the high overall satisfaction level with the service following a recent questionnaire, which has reached 93 percent.” 

    “The Clinical Imaging Department continues its efforts to integrate technology and innovation into its operations and services, with a focus on patient-centered care. This stems from the important role of clinical imaging as an essential pillar for delivering healthcare services at HMC,” said Ms. Al-Ajeel.

    “We appreciate the efforts of the team managing our WhatsApp service at the appointment center which allows our team members to quickly respond to patient requests for rescheduling or canceling appointments. The service has also contributed to reducing the number of missed appointments and same-day rescheduled appointments” added Ms. Al-Ajeel. 

    HMC’s Clinical Imaging Services urges all patients to use the WhatsApp service to contact the Clinical Imaging Appointment Center at (4439 3377) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday, and from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays.