​​Star of Excellence
Improving Operation Efficiency in Cardiac Electrophysiology
The Cardiac Electrophysiology department provides services to patients who experience abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmia.  Arrhythmia ablation is a nascent and evolving treatment strategy which requires expert personnel and advanced equipment.  Prior to this project, patients would have to travel abroad to avail of this expertise.
​​Rising Star
Achieving Fall Prevention through Patient Education
The establishment of a team tasked with reducing and preventing falls of inpatients.  Falls are a high-volume, high-risk, high-cost challenge for healthcare facilities worldwide.  A key element of a falls management program is providing education to staff about the significance of fall prevention to the wellbeing of patients.
​​Awards of Merit
HITC eLearning Program
The program provides an online environment for clinical and support staff to continue their professional and personal development.  It is a cost-effective and time-efficient method of training as users can access at any time from any place, on a range of devices. This is an ongoing program which has developed and delivers multi-module courses in Infection Control, Major Incident, Human Subjects Research, Fire Safety, Environmental Safety and Qatar Early Warning System.  Several more courses are in the pipeline.
​​First Lymphedema Management Clinic in Qatar
This NCCCR based service provides lymphedema management to oncology patients. Lymphedema is a potential side effect for patients with a breast cancer diagnosis who have had surgery and radiation therapy. The aim is to provide locally the gold standard in lymphedema care – Complete Decongestive Therapy.