​​Star of Excellence
Oracle eBusiness Self Service
This project involved the implementation of 19 Employee Self Service functions and supporting Management Reports, in Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS). The HMC HICT, HR, Finance and SCM departments worked together, to transform and simplify HR and Finance related employee functions such as leave application, exit permits and processing Purchase Requisitions. Back-office processes have been simplified for HR and Finance department and online PR approvals have helped senior management control costs across facilities. By reducing paperwork and eliminating travel between departments, employees have been able to reclaim valuable time and energy, and direct it towards achieving HMC’s primary aim of delivering safe, effective and compassionate patient care.
​​Rising Star
HR Mail Service System
HR has to balance serving the needs of employees, employer/managers, and the requirements of external organizations. The Mail Service System receives hardcopies of documents and uses barcode label systems for unique identification. Documents are then scanned and stored automatically for the system to extract important data which can then be distributed to back office teams within HR. Document searches can be activated with corporate identification number and barcode, thus saving time searching paper files.
​​Awards of Merit
Empowering Leadership in a Cross Functional Model
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Women’s Hospital (WH) has 111 beds and is considered to be one of the largest worldwide, with high volume and occupancy rates. The cross functional teams system was introduced to successfully manage the high risk nature of the NICU. Fourteen tracks were developed each consisting of a group of frontline NICU staff selected from different clinical and sub-specialty disciplines. Individual tracks are responsible, accountable and focus on one major line of neonatal service such as Respiratory Therapy or Parenteral Nutrition.