​​Star of Excellence
Enaya Continuing Care: New Concepts, New Hope
The Enaya Continuing Care Center 2 is considered the first of its kind in the State of Qatar. It is part of the recently formed Mental Health Service and provides a community based group home for women with severe and enduring mental illness. Services commenced in May 2015, with female patients transferred from the acute psychiatric unit after spending many years of their lives institutionalized in an acute inpatient setting.
​​Rising Star
Women’s Hospital NICU World Health Organization Multimodal Safe Hands Project
WH-NICU is one of the largest and most sophisticated NICU in the Middle East with occupancy rates exceeding its capacity most days of the year. In 2015 there was an increase in hospital acquired infections such as Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia. As a result the NICU team went back to the basics and embarked on a novel multimodal approach to improve hand hygiene practice, thus improving the experience of the newborns and their families and by preventing cross infections and thereby sepsis.
​​Awards of Merit
Patient Tour Project-Improved Maternity Experience
Women's access to quality antenatal services has become a part of global efforts in supporting the right of every woman to access the best health care, which starts from antenatal care during pregnancy. At Al Wakra Hospital a multi-disciplinary team including obstetricians and pharmacists have collaborated to be available and open to patients as part of a ‘patient tour’ program which allows patients the opportunity to visit the hospital facilities, meet care givers and receive educational material.
​​Pediatric Complex Care Program
The Pediatric Complex Care Program (PCCP) provides a shared and comprehensive management model for children who live with multiple, complex chronic conditions and life limiting diseases. Before the PCCP was initiated the care of for patients was often fragmented, poorly coordinated and relied heavily on the parents to transmit information and coordinate between the different teams. A task force was established which included, pediatricians, nurses, occupational, physical, speech language and respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacist and dietitian.