​​Star of Excellence
Achievement of 0% reduction in CAUTI among long term Care Resident in Enaya Specialized Care Center
The purpose of this project is to reduce Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) and to sustain the 0% rate at Enaya Specialized Care Facility. CAUTI causes the highest number of Hospital Acquired Infections with an attributable mortality rate. Almost 70 per cent of CAUTI’s are preventable with recommended infection control measures. Complications associated with CAUTI result in increased length of stay, patient discomfort, excess health care costs and mortality.
​​Rising Star
A Glimpse of Success: Al Maha 1
Al Maha 1 is a long term ventilated care unit for children with multiple system disorders classified as congenital and acquired. Over the last 6 years there have been many challenges faced by the healthcare team members during the transitions from Hamad General Hospital to Rumailah Hospital and discharging children home. This project was developed to enhance coordination of care by engaging the family in the care of the patient, to provide improvements for the patients' quality of life and integrate them into the community.
​​Awards of Merit
Pediatric Home Ventilator Program
The goal of the Home Ventilator Program was to deliver patient centered care in a community setting by safely transitioning children from the hospital to home. The program is guided by the principles of empowering the patient and family to manage their healthcare. Patients with restrictive pulmonary disease or respiratory insufficiency such as children with muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy have benefitted from this program with increased rates of patient family satisfaction.
The Impact of Implementing Bleeding Avoidance Strategy
More than 3,500 diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterizations are performed each year in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab (CATH Lab) at Heart Hospital. The main goal for this improvement project was to implement bleeding avoidance strategies to minimize vascular complication, especially hematoma formation, the most common access site complication.