​We are committed to providing continuity of care at all stages of the healthcare pathway for patients. This means that we not only provide patients with medical support in the form of technical and diagnostic procedures but aim to ensure that the emotional and psychological needs of patients are met throughout their stay. We attend to more than 900 patients per month in the Recovery Room and 600 patients per month in the Day Care Unit. 

As a department we offer special services for the following:  
  • Robotic surgeries including urology, pediatrics and general surgery cases
  • Kidney and liver transplant cases
  • Laser surgeries for urology and vascular cases.
We also offer all surgical (except cardiac) services in the Recovery Room and provide all minor surgical procedures in the Day Care Unit, together with different specialties. We are a committed team of specialists who work closely with a wide range of departments, including surgical, trauma, medical, neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, in addition to Emergency and Radiology Departments. We also work closely with all hospitals in the Hamad Medical Corporation network.