Local Speakers

Dr. Fatemeh Darakhshan-Rassam 

Dr. Fatemeh Darakhshan-Rassam is a Biomedical Sciences and Health Technical Programme Manager at the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). She is extensively involved in pre-award and post-award activities, as well as providing technical opinion in accordance with QNRF requirements. 

Dr. Darakhshan-Rassam was awarded the higher degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) jointly from The University Reading, United Kingdom (UK), and the Health Protection Agency (formerly NRPB), Harwell Laboratories, Oxfordshire, UK. Her thesis and research, focused on Mapping of Murine Radiation Induced, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia susceptibility loci. 

Dr. Darakhshan-Rassam, gained further research experience when awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Sir Alastair Currie, CRUK, Molecular Medicine Centre, Edinburgh. She has also undertaken research training at the Department of Haematology at the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (UK), St Mark’s Hospital (UK), the MRC National Institute of Medical research (UK) and The Royal London Hospital (UK). She has published on cancer genetics, carcinogenesis and medical oncology.
Prior to joining QNRF, her last appointment was as a National Health Service (NHS) Manager in the UK, where she was responsible for project/service implementation, as well as staff training and development.