Local Speakers

Maryam Al-Shamlan 

Ms. Maryam is a health inspector at the Environmental Health section at the Ministry of Public Health since 2015. Her career at MOPH is well aligned with her academic background in Environmental Sciences – a bachelor’s degree that she gained from the Qatar University, where she is also pursuing a master’s degree. Currently, she is working on different environmental related aspects including ambient and indoor air quality, Recreational Water Quality, and medical waste management. She received several opportunities in diverse set of studies related to environmental stressors causing human health impacts, including but not limited to PM2.5 Characterization and analysis in internal and external environment, Indoor and ambient air quality and bio-aerosol sampling in education facilities, COVID-19 related study in educational facilities. She also has a participation and contribution in Qatar Clean certification for hotels, and Environmental Evaluation and assessment program for hotels in Qatar. Furthermore, she had a chance to present and share their study poster on “The first Qatar Public Health Conference” with the titles:

  • Occurrence, sources, ozone, formation protentional risk characterization.
  • Public health Implication of VOCs occurrence, source, ozone, formation protentional risk characterization in Doha’s air.

She has attended several conferences like the: Professional Exposure of 2013Annual Meeting of the Association for environmental studies and sciences held on 19-22 June 2013, hosted by Chatham University & Duquesne University- In the state of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and the First WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health (30 Oct - 1 Nov 2018).

Aside from the conference, she also attended these workshops: Green Hospitality Workshop – 2021, Improving Indoor Air Quality to Control Spread of COVID-19 in Schools – 2021, Indoor air quality in primary schools – 2018, Management of indoor Air Quality in Kindergarten – 2017.


She has received several certificates from the following: Air Quality for Environmental and Risk assessment studies, 2017, Indoor Environmental Management and Ambient Air Quality Management, 2019, Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Chemicals, 2020.