Local Speakers

Dr. Hadi Mohamad Yassine

Dr. Hadi Mohamad Yassine is an associate professor of infectious diseases, section head of research at the Qatar University (QU) ‎Biomedical Research Center ‎‎(BRC), and the chair of QU IBC committee. He also serves as an adjunct faculty at Hamad Ben Khalifa University-Doha (2018- to present) and previously at the Catholic University of America ‎(CUA)- Washington D.C (2014/2015). In addition to his administrative duties, he leads the ‎communicable diseases section at the BRC. His research and teaching experiences have been fostered by ‎several ‎years of intensive work at state-of-the-art and multi-disciplinary institutions. After earning a Ph.D. ‎from The Ohio State University (OSU) in 2009, he worked at the Vaccine Research Center ‎‎(VRC) of the National Institute of ‎Health (NIH) for over five years as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a ‎research fellow. He has excellent experience ‎in the basic and applied biomedical ‎fields, including virology, microbiology, immunology, molecular diagnostics, and vaccine ‎development. He has published more than 125 articles, some of which are in top-tier scientific ‎journals like NEJM, Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell, JAMA, AND Lancet. He serves on many committees at QU and other institutions around Qatar. He participated in the organization of several local and international workshops and conferences. He received ‎several awards in recognition of his work and contributed to six patents on new ‎designs ‎of viral vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccine. ‎